Come and find out about the bloody tale of murder and revenge while you indulge in a nice snack and take in the scenery on the beautiful shores of Loch Oich.

Visit the historic monument across the road and venture down the steps to the dark and foreboding well that sits underneath the busy A82.

The story goes that the land belonged to two brothers who went away to France for schooling. Seven family members took care of the land and when they returned, there was a big party. The seven relatives were a bit miffed and an argument broke out, resulting in the two brothers getting murdered. After a few years, a cousin of the two brothers sought revenge on the murderers and got an army together. They tracked down the seven perpetrators, killed them, whipped their heads off and washed them in the well on their way to Glengarry Castle to show the Clan chief that this was retribution for the crime.

Things are a little less gory nowadays but you can learn about the historic past whilst enjoying the present beauty of Loch Oich with our lochside access and picnic benches. Sit and enjoy a coffee and watch the boats, ducks and swans pass by! 564433_392216807472290_2095617704_n