About Us

We are all about food in our family! We enjoy making it, eating it and want to share our love of cooking through the products we produce. It’s been a great 8 years, rearranging the shop and turning it into what it is today (still a work in progress!).

You’ll find Sarah, baker extraordinaire, and Robert, head honcho, in the kitchen every day. Veronica is a veteran caterer but prefers behind the scenes nowadays! Occasionally the grown-up kids, Evie and Daniel will be found helping (snacking). Our small family team is supported behind the scenes by our grumpy terrier, Sandy, and black labs Beau and Wee Bobby. Together, we ensure the Lochside Larder is providing locals, workmen, tourists, businessmen, hikers, walkers, kayakers, canoers, adventures and the hungry in general with delicious homemade food and anything else they might need for the journey!